About us

We are a KOREAN restaurant that specializes in a variety of "SoonDuBu" (A.K.A. soft-tofu soup). The soups come out bubbling from the kitchen and are very tasty~ One of the more popular soups include the Combination tofu soup which contains shrimps, oysters, clams,and beef, Mushroom tofu soup, and beef tofu soups. There are 13 flavors of soup to choose from and the spiciness ranges from White (not spicy at all) to Very-Very-Spicy! We Also have meat dishes for the meat lovers that come sizzling to your table and a variety of "Bibimbap" which is served on a stone pot! The food is served with a variety of "Banchan" (A.K.A. side dishes) that varies through the week and are a perfect compliment to the food in our menu.


Our business has been open since 1994. Much has changed since then around us but we are still going strong thanks to hard work and our loyal customers. One thing that is very important to us is to provide good quality food that is tasty and fresh. THANK YOU ALL for all the support!

Restaurant Review

I can't count the times I ate here when I lived in Irvine (it was a drive--but oh so worth it). Kaju Tofu, I miss you! Fortunately, my roots are still in So Cal, so I get to eat here occasionally. Came here recently to catch up with old friends. Nothing has changed!! It was a Tuesday night and the line was out the door. It seems they have gotten more efficient. Order while you wait, and once you're seated your food arrives within a minute. I am drooling thinking of the large bowl of kimchi tofu stew, very very spicy. I like to sweat and cry when I eat.

S R.
LOVE LOVE LOVE their cucumber kimchi!! (the women servers hate it when I ask them to refill my cucumber kimchi but I come back everytime just for this!) Soft tofu soup is good. I recommend getting their lunch combos(or dinner combos) which comes with tofu soup and a small meat dish.

Lily T.
where do i even begin? i've been a regular at kaju soondubu since i was in elementary school, and i must say, they have the BEST soondubu i've ever tried...and i lived in korea for 6 months. need i say more? yes.
rather than the oily crap you get at many other restaurants (i.e. bcd), the consistency of the soondubu at kaju is perfect and remains like that throughout your whole meal.
so here are my favorites:

- Seafood: the shrimps and clams aren't dinky little things that you question if they're real. they're surprisingly big for fitting in that little pot, and they bring a LOT of flavor to the soondubu.
- Kimchi Pork: if you're ever craving soondubu and kimchi jeegae (kimchi stew), this is the perfect option.

also, the side dishes are AMAZING, especially the cucumbers. sometimes when i'm craving just good side dishes with rice, i'll come here (and get a soondubu, of course)

Ashley H.